Images from around the school


Our school has formed a community partnership with Cummins Generator Technologies in Stamford.  Every year Cummins' employees are encouraged to take 4 hours paid time out from their usual duties to help out with community projects.  To date, we are delighted that the following projects, amongst others, have been completed.

  • Complete renovation of the wildlife area and bird hide.
  • Tree, hedge and wildflower meadow planters.
  • An outdoor classroom
  • Some interior redecoration. 
  • Redecoration of the buildings and equipment in the Foundation Stage playground. 
  • Construction and fitting shelving units in a storage room.
  • Installation of a wind turbine and solar panel with assciated energy usage monitoring software.
  • Re-painting of the school railings.


Cummins has also been instrumental in assisting with other projects such as our annual science week and fiver challenges.

In return, the school is pleased to be able to invite some of the Cummins employees to our nativity shows.  Our school choir have also performed in their dining hall prior to Christmas, singing carols. 

Everyone at school is very grateful to Cummins and its employees for all the hard work and commitment shown to us by them, and which truly benefits the children.