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Illness in School/Medicine


School Health Service
Our School Nurse and members of the School Nursing Team visit the school and carry out health assessments as necessary. They can measure height, weight and screen hearing but not vision.  Our school nurses are based Bourne and can be contacted on 01778 394185.  The school nurse takes over from the health visitor looking after children when they reach school age.
A visit to an optician is recommended if there is any concern about a child’s vision.
If your child is to see the school doctor you will be contacted and invited to attend. Throughout their school years, the children will be involved in talking about health matters in a group setting either with their teacher or members of the School Nursing Team. 
Medicines in School
The school office will administer most medicines on request, upon completion of a medicine form.
Treatment forms should be completed as necessary and returned to the school office.
Asthma inhalers are kept in the child’s classroom and are available at all times.  Epi-Pen are kept in the child's classroom with a second epi-pen in the office.  For the other specific illnesses or ongoing medication, special arrangements should be made with the office.  
This policy has the full approval of the Specialist in Community Medicine.  The Health Protection Agency's advice for protection against infection are also followed within school.
Guidance on Illness

A number of parents have asked for guidance on how long children should be kept away from school with illness. For the illnesses which raise most queries with parents our general guidance is:

Sickness/diarrhoea - 48 clear hours after the last episode before returning to school

Slapped cheek – children can come to school as they are not thought to be infectious once the symptoms are showing

Chickenpox - 5 days after the onset on the rash before returning to school  

For any other illness call school for advice. The school has a list issued by the Health Protection Agency which we use for guidance or we are advised on school policy by school nurse.

The school's Medicine in School Policy is available from the School Information>Policies section of this website.