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School Closure


The procedures we will follow if we have to close the school are: 

  • The website will be updated at about 7.30am each day if there is any likelihood of the school not opening in the morning. Our website address is
  • LincsFM and Rutland Radio both have school closure announcements which are regularly updated throughout the day. Rutland Radio is on 107.2FM or 97.4FM. LincsFM is on 102.2 for Lincolnshire and Newark, 96.7FM for Grantham or 97.6FM for Scunthorpe. Both Rutland Radio and LincsFM also have very clear websites which are regularly updated throughout the day on or These websites are especially useful rather than having to wait around and listen for a closure announcement to be made.
  • It would be helpful if you could try to use one of the sources of information above instead of phoning the school office to ask if we are open. We only have a limited number of telephone lines and these are needed to ensure communication and coordination of all our key support providers on days such as these. 
  • In the extremely unlikely event of the school having to close during the day we will make arrangements to contact every child’s parent/carer. If that parent/carer cannot be contacted, the child will be supervised at school until collection. For this reason please ensure that your contact details at the school are correct and up to date.
  • If your child is at school and you decide that, because of your particularly hazardous travel arrangements, you need to collect him/her early please come to the school office. We will arrange for your child to be brought to the office with all their belongings. Please do not attempt to collect your child direct from their classroom during school hours. All children going home throughout the day must sign out at the school office to ensure that we comply with fire regulations.
In the event of bad weather please take care when travelling to school; it is your decision to make if conditions are too bad for you to bring your child in when the school is staying open.


Some parents have asked whether a child not attending school will be marked down as “absent” as they are concerned about their child’s absence record. If your child does not attend school, please telephone the school office to report that absence. Depending on the reason i.e. medical or snow the appropriate code will be entered into the registers. Any absence from school will be marked on the registers but as long as we know the reason why, it is not usually considered a problem. It is only when your child does not arrive at school that we will telephone you. If we cannot contact you, then your child will be marked as “absent (reason unknown)” and it is that sort of absence that is considered more carefully.  Please see the section on this website regarding attendance and absences generally for further information.
Please be aware that if at all possible the school will always be open. We have a dedicated staff, many of whom live locally, and we will always do out utmost to ensure that the school opens each morning and remains open for the whole of the school day.