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At Malcolm Sargent School, we are proud of the sports provision available to children and our Physical Education Curriculum.

 Following the 2012 Olympics, the government decided to provide schools with additional ring-fenced funding for the next two years to enhance the long term Olympic legacy:
·         Providing further opportunities for all children to have access to high quality sports provision and,
·         Enabling those more able children in sports, a way of further developing their skills to ensure the country has a strong succession of future Olympians.
This funding has allowed us to create some exciting developments which will benefit all children at the school, and those more able in sport.
Enhanced Swimming Provision
When children reach Year 4 and 5, they will now receive double the amount of swimming provision than before, delivered by qualified instructors at Stamford Leisure Pool. Our more able swimmers will have much more time developing a higher level of skills, in preparation for competitions. Furthermore, children who can not swim or lack confidence in this area, will now be receiving triple the amount of swimming than in previous years through a 6 week intensive block of tutoring with ratios of adult support being much higher than before – up to 1 adult for every 3 children!
Our aims are:
  • To ensure all children know how to stay safe in water by obtaining the ASA Personal Survival Level 1 Award. This is a new incentive for us this year.
  • To ensure all children are able to swim at least 25m by the time they leave us in Year 6, through achieving Stage 4 of the ASA Learn To Swim Framework. This will be an increase from previous years.
  • To ensure more of our more able swimmers have developed a range of strokes to a high level of competitive technique, through achieving Stage 7 of the ASA Learn To Swim Framework.
  • To have a number of more able swimmers working on Stage 8 of the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework (continuation of previous framework, developing skills and techniques at a focussed level in either ‘competitive swimming’ or ‘rookie lifesaving’.
  • To have for the first time, entered a team consisting of more able swimmers that excel in this area, into school based, local, regional or national competitions.
Enhanced Competitive Sports & Training
Working in collaboration with local providers, we have always entered children into many sports competitions. However, with the Sports Premium, we are now able to extend the competitions we can enter, and vastly improve the skills and outcomes of those children in our sports teams – we want Malcolm Sargent School to not only provide and excellent sports curriculum, but also be renowned for developing excellent sports teams at competitive levels.
To support this vision, we have appointed a dedicated, expert sports coordinator, whose role it is to train and develop skills for all children when they reach Year 5 and 6. As well as coaching Year 5 and 6 children, they will run trials to select our best sports players from Year 2 upwards, train them, assemble teams and enter them into local, regional and national competitions. The team name is ‘Team Inspire’, and the mission statement is ‘to raise the profile of sport and inspire children in the school to take part and achieve’
Our aims are:
·         To increase sports participation at competitive levels for all children.
·         To develop highly talented children in sports, who are able to secure more 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in competitive sports.
We feel that these areas are very much in-keeping with the Olympic Legacy, and are aligned to recent government initiatives and we hope you will join us in celebrating the impact the Sports Premium will bring about.
We also hope that in future years, we are proud to say that an Olympic athlete started on the road to their success here with us at Malcolm Sargent School!
Please click on attachments below if you want to see full details of how the funding is being spent and how we will measure success.
Also, please find below, an attachment with full details of our swimming provision and curriculum.