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On Thursday 3rd December a group of year 5/6 boys and girls entered in the Under 11’s mixed football tournament. The team were incredibly enthusiastic and eager to start their first game. Throughout the whole tournament the team worked together and didn’t give up. We played our first 4 matches in a round robin, winning 1, drawing 2 and losing 1. This resulted in use becoming 3rd in our group, an excellent achievement as the competition were very talented. We then played against 3rd place position in the second league to compete for 5th/6th place. The team went in strong, determined to win their final match but the oppositions goalkeeper was not going to let us through. After many shots on goal we finally scored leading the team taking 5th place in the tournament.
Miss Millar, Y3 Teacher



On Thursday 15 October, 10 year 3 and 4 children attended a Tag Rugby tournament at Stamford Welland Academy. Malcolm Sargent played 6 matches where we won 4 and lost 2. This resulted in Malcolm Sargent coming 2nd place overall.
The team were extremely nervous coming into their first match but played to the best of their ability and although we lost our first match we still managed to score 2 tries. In our second match we were much more confident; skipping inbetween the opposite leading to our first win! Spirits continued to rise and nothing could stop Malcolm Sargent scoring which led to a 4-1 victory in the third match. Malcolm Sargent played incredibly well throughout the entire tournament and through determination, skill and teamwork scored 7 tries in their final match. Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon and the team were very impressed with their silver position, an improvement from last year.
Miss Millar, Year 3 Teacher
On 1 and 3 July a total of 32 children attended the Stamford and District Primary Schools Sports Association Athletics Finals at Stamford Welland Academy. The meeting consisted of 18 events incorporating both field and track events e.g. sprints/long jump/throwing events/relays.
All the girls and boys from Malcolm Sargent put in fine performances with 2 x 1st place, 5 x 2nd place, 5 x 3rd place and 4 x 4th place positions. Highlights being: wins in the Boys Year 6 400m and Girls Year 3 70m sprint races. There were some very exciting races with the children keen to do well and it was good to see many parents coming along to support. Malcolm Sargent School would like to thank all the organisers/helpers for a well-run and enjoyable event.
Mr Keir
Sports Coordinator




 5/6 Girls Football Team

On 21 May 2015 a group of year 5/6 girls took part in the Stamford School’s Girls Football tournament. The tournament was a round robin, where each team played each other once and the school with the most points at the end of the matches won the trophy.
The first match kicked off and nerves were high but some excellent passing and ball control led to a 2-0 victory in the first match, a fantastic start to the tournament. The next match was a tougher challenge. The girls played with fantastic skill and determination but unfortunately couldn’t find the back of the net, resulting in that match finishing in a 0-0 draw. With one win and one draw the girls were still determined to go for gold but their third match was the toughest yet. We went down 1-0 before half time but the girls didn’t let that dampen their spirits, it just made them fight more than ever. In the second half Malcolm Sargent equalised resulting in another draw for the school. Malcolm Sargent worked incredibly hard in the forth match leading to a 2-0 victory.
It was down to the final match. The winner of this match would determine the overall winner of the tournament. Within 5 minutes Malcolm Sargent conceded a goal. Malcolm Sargent needed to work together to pull it back. The girls fought hard, passing around the other team and they equalised before half time. Fantastic team work in the second half meant Malcolm Sargent scored to take them ahead! The final result was 2-1 to Malcolm Sargent.
After 5 matches; Malcolm Sargent had won 3 and drawn 2 giving them a total of 21 points. This meant they were the overall winners of the tournament. A fantastic performance by the team, they worked well together and never gave up even when they had conceded a goal. Well done Malcolm Sargent.


Year 3/4 football tournament
On Thursday 23rd February a squad of 10 year 3/4 boys went to St. Augustine’s school to compete in the under 9s Stamford football tournament. The squad consisted of: Matthew Walker (captain), Lenny Kavanagh (vice-captain), Johan Coughlan, Dylan Carrick, Riley Kendle, Callum Graham, Jake Downs, Elliott Long, Ally Jordan and Harry Wallace. The boys worked incredibly hard throughout the entire tournament and their determination and effort paid off as they came first out of the 6 schools which competed.
From the moment the first whistle blew the Malcom Sargent boys put in 100% effort. The standard of football played from all players was a joy to watch with incredible passes, accurate shooting and fantastic tackling. The boys’ skill and teamwork resulted in a 2-0 win in the first match. With their first win under their belts the boys’ enthusiasm and determination grew which made the team virtually unstoppable. The second match also ended 2-0 putting the team at the top of the leaderboard. The third match was more difficult but the boys continued to work hard and won the match 1-0. After a third win in a row the boys’ eyes were on the trophy resulting in incredible 4-0 wins in both of the last 2 games.
Overall a fantastic performance by the team; winning all their matches without conceding a single goal. Keep up the good work!



 Winning Team!


Fantastic result for our school football team. Winners of the Stamford Primary Schools Tournament held at Malcolm Sargent on 17th March 2015.



















Results from the Primary Cross Country Event that took place at Stamford Welland Academy on Saturday 7 March 2015.

Congratulations to all Malcolm Sargent X Country Runners. Fine performances from all involved with podium finishes from Will Stanier Year 5/6 - 1st and Johan Coughlan Year 3/4 - 3rd.


Year 3 and 4
Year 3 and 4
Year 5 and 6
Year 5 and 6
Bourne Westfield
Bourne Westfield
Malcolm Sargent
St Gilberts
Malcolm Sargent
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Bourne Westfield

Sports Reports
Athletics – “The tournament was on 27 January with twelve children from our school participating. Not only did everyone enjoy themselves but also gave 100% effort and great commitment. We did very well in track and field events. There were about ten events in total eg speed bounce, obstacle relay and standing long jump. The other four schools also showed great performances throughout the tournament. With our great performance, we rightfully earned second place. Thank you to everyone for their performance and teamwork.” (Thanks to Archie Wallace, Y6S, for this report.)
Netball – the team played seven matches against other local primary schools – winning all of them! As the overall winners for the area the team is off in March to Grantham Meres Leisure Centre for a Lincolnshire tournament. We wish them the best of luck and are very proud of their achievement.
Football – To date, we have played four matches and won all four. The team is on course to win the league if they keep going in their current form – so very many congratulations!


House Football
House football took place on Wednesday 21st January for the year 5/6 teams and on Thursday 22nd December for the year 3/4 teams. Each house played against the other houses once in a round robin to score points to win the tournament. Teams received 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for loss. All teams were eager to win and gave 100% in all their games; all teams also showed incredible sportsmanship across the whole tournament, cheering their classmates on.
Year 5/6 house football competition
Blue house and Yellow house kicked off the tournament in an exciting match where Blue house were victorious with a 2-0 win. Next to play was the Green and Red house; Green house fought hard but unfortunately there was no stopping Red house and they won with an impressive 6 goals to 0. The tournament continued, all teams determined to carry on despite the slipperiness of the pitch holding them back. The final results were as follows:
1st place: Blue house with 2 wins and a draw.
2nd place: Red house with 1 win and 2 draws.
3rd place: Yellow house with 1 win, 1 draw and a loss
4th place: Green house with 3 losses.
Year 3/4 house football competition.
The year 3/4 tournament began with an exciting match between Green and Red house. The Green house were determined to gain some points and succeeded by winning their first match 1-0. Next was the Yellow house versus the Blue house. Both teams played extremely well but a last minute goal before half time gave Yellow house a 1-0 win. As the tournament continued it became apparent Yellow house were there to win the tournament; working hard throughout all their matches. The hard worked paid off as they managed to complete the tournament winning all three of their matches and without conceding a single goal. The final results were as follows:
1st place: Yellow house winning all three of their games
2nd place: Green house winning one game, drawing another and losing one.
3rd place: Blue house drawing two of their games and losing one.
4th place: Red house drawing one of their games but losing the other two.

On the 23rd October, 10 year 5/6 girls took part in the Under 11 girls Barrowby football competition. The girls competed in 6 matches throughout the afternoon; winning 4, drawing 1 and unfortunately missing out in the final match by one goal in the last 5 seconds of extra time.

The girls worked incredibly hard in all matches and produced some amazing results; including a 6-0 win in one of our matches. Strikers: Rebekah Haworth, Mary Butler and Leah Hawksworth all scored some incredible goals, helping us progress through the tournament. A determined midfielder, Kira Towle and a strong defence of Charlotte Collins, Annabel Harvey, Maisie Wilyeo and Chloe Thomas meant Malcolm Sargent only conceded 2 goals during the whole tournament. To complete the team we had 2 amazing goalkeepers: Freya Smith, who saved some fantastic shots throughout the tournament and Maisie Lloyd, who secured our place in the final by making a fantastic save during the penalty shoot out in the semi-final.
Overall an amazing effort by the whole team, it was a fantastic afternoon and an even better result.
Miss Millar



Year 5/6 Girls Football Team

The year 5/6 girls Football Team took part in the Stamford Schools Tournament on Tuesday 10 June.  They played 4 games, won all 4 games, not conceding a goal.  Well done girls!






Sports At Malcolm Sargent Primary School

Y5/6 Boys Football - Grantham Regional Qualifier - 14 November 2013

Y5-6 Mixed Badminton - Winners of Queen Eleanor Festival - 7 November 2013


Stamford Schools Year 5/6 Mixed Tag Rugby - 27 March 2014

Results:  Played 5, Won 1, Lost 4 - 5th Position


At Malcolm Sargent School, we are proud of the sports provision available to children and our Physical Education Curriculum.

Following the 2012 Olympics, the government decided to provide schools with additional ring-fenced funding for the next two years to enhance the long term Olympic legacy:
·         Providing further opportunities for all children to have access to high quality sports provision and,
·         Enabling those more able children in sports, a way of further developing their skills to ensure the country has a strong succession of future Olympians.
This funding has allowed us to create some exciting developments which will benefit all children at the school, and those more able in sport.
Enhanced Swimming Provision
When children reach Year 4 and 5, they will now receive double the amount of swimming provision than before, delivered by qualified instructors at Stamford Leisure Pool. Our more able swimmers will have much more time developing a higher level of skills, in preparation for competitions. Furthermore, children who can not swim or lack confidence in this area, will now be receiving triple the amount of swimming than in previous years through a 6 week intensive block of tutoring with ratios of adult support being much higher than before – up to 1 adult for every 3 children!
Our aims are:
  • To ensure all children know how to stay safe in water by obtaining the ASA Personal Survival Level 1 Award. This is a new incentive for us this year.
  • To ensure all children are able to swim at least 25m by the time they leave us in Year 6, through achieving Stage 4 of the ASA Learn To Swim Framework. This will be an increase from previous years.
  • To ensure more of our more able swimmers have developed a range of strokes to a high level of competitive technique, through achieving Stage 7 of the ASA Learn To Swim Framework.
  • To have a number of more able swimmers working on Stage 8 of the ASA Aquatic Skills Framework (continuation of previous framework, developing skills and techniques at a focussed level in either ‘competitive swimming’ or ‘rookie lifesaving’.
  • To have for the first time, entered a team consisting of more able swimmers that excel in this area, into school based, local, regional or national competitions.
Enhanced Competitive Sports & Training
Working in collaboration with local providers, we have always entered children into many sports competitions. However, with the Sports Premium, we are now able to extend the competitions we can enter, and vastly improve the skills and outcomes of those children in our sports teams – we want Malcolm Sargent School to not only provide and excellent sports curriculum, but also be renowned for developing excellent sports teams at competitive levels.
To support this vision, we have appointed a dedicated, expert sports coordinator, whose role it is to train and develop skills for all children when they reach Year 5 and 6. As well as coaching Year 5 and 6 children, they will run trials to select our best sports players from Year 2 upwards, train them, assemble teams and enter them into local, regional and national competitions. The team name is ‘Team Inspire’, and the mission statement is ‘to raise the profile of sport and inspire children in the school to take part and achieve’
Our aims are:
·         To increase sports participation at competitive levels for all children.
·         To develop highly talented children in sports, who are able to secure more 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in competitive sports.
We feel that these areas are very much in-keeping with the Olympic Legacy, and are aligned to recent government initiatives and we hope you will join us in celebrating the impact the Sports Premium will bring about.
We also hope that in future years, we are proud to say that an Olympic athlete started on the road to their success here with us at Malcolm Sargent School!
Please click on attachments below if you want to see full details of how the funding is being spent and how we will measure success.
Also, please find below, an attachment with full details of our swimming provision and curriculum.







On 1 and 3 July a total of 32 children attended the Stamford and District Primary Schools Sports Association Athletics Finals at Stamford Welland Academy. The meeting consisted of 18 events incorporating both field and track events e.g. sprints/long jump/throwing events/relays.
All the girls and boys from Malcolm Sargent put in fine performances with 2 x 1st place, 5 x 2nd place, 5 x 3rd place and 4 x 4th place positions. Highlights being: wins in the Boys Year 6 400m and Girls Year 3 70m sprint races. There were some very exciting races with the children keen to do well and it was good to see many parents coming along to support. Malcolm Sargent School would like to thank all the organisers/helpers for a well-run and enjoyable event.
Mr Keir
Sports Coordinator