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Start / End of Day

  School Times

  Start of Day AM Break Lunchtime End of Day
Foundation 09:00 10:00-10:15 11:30-12:45 15:10
Year 1 09:00 10:20-10:35 11:45-12:45 15:10
Year 2 09:00 10:40 10.55 12:45-13:45 15.10
Year 3 09:00 10:00-10:15 11:45-12:45 15:20
Year 4 09:00 10:20-10:35 11:45-12:45 15:20
Year 5 09:00 10:40-10:55 12:45-13:45 15:20
Year 6 09:00 10:45-11:00 12:45-13:45 15:20


Children may not arrive in school before 08:35 when teacher supervision will be in place.

The system that is used for registration is prescribed by the Department for Schools Children and Families (DCSF) and is used to compile the national absence figures for schools. 

Children have ten minutes from the bell to be registered by their teachers. Those who arrive during or after that ten minute period are registered as “Late”. They will then be deemed as having missed the entire morning period. Please try to ensure that your child(ren) arrive(s) on time so that their absence record at school is as low as possible. 
If a child fails to arrive at school at all, we will telephone your contact numbers to find out the reason. To be sure that your child is accounted for it would really help the school office if you could telephone us as soon as you are aware that you are either running late, or that your child(ren) will not be attending school. 
We have an answerphone system which will allow you to leave a message before the school opens at 8:00. If you arrive at school after the bell has rung, please ensure that you enter the school via the school office and not directly into the classroom as your child(ren) will need to be signed in to ensure we comply with fire regulations.