Design Technology

In a rapidly changing world, it is our job as educators to prepare children for the future, a future we do not yet know the shape of. Design and Technology is our pupils’ first step on that journey.

DT is “planning things, having ideas, analysing,

designing, thinking and doing” -Year 5 pupil


Design Technology (DT) is about designing and making products for a specific need or purpose. It involves pupils developing a wide range of skills through designing and making.

Design ideas -> Model -> Test -> Evaluate -> Modify

At our school, children learn how to think creatively and practically. They learn how to work with knowledge and practical skills through an ongoing evaluative process to bring about change though their ideas

.To be a good design technologist you need to

try new things, have good ideas, know how to have clear steps and always improve.

–Year 6 pupil



    “You need to be scientific” – Year 2 pupil

You can be like inventors and stuff” – Year 1 pupil



Design Technology at Malcolm Sargent follows the National Curriculum. At the core of design process is the three S’s – Something for Someone with Some purpose. Children study designers and existing products to understand why products are created for a certain use. Children build upon past knowledge and skills which they develop throughout their time at Malcolm Sargent. Pupils continuously evaluate and reflect on their work and are encouraged to be creative, innovative, seek solutions and develop practical skills which fit their design brief.








"..Think about what works well and doesn’t…

choose things that work well…be creative.” – Year 3 pupil


Curriculum map


Every time we get better. We are learning new skills.” - Year 4 pupil.


Design Technology at Malcolm Sargent equips pupils with confidence in a range of transferable skills and knowledge, and a love of the subject! Children’s learning is ongoingly monitored and assessed through concept maps at the start and end of a topic, teacher monitoring and the class DT digibook- an interactive book used by teachers to document learning and as a platform for our older pupils to create videos, images and text reflecting their design process. The digibook is passed on to the next teacher at the end of each year and is referred back to, for pupils to build upon skills and knowledge gained in previous years.














You can support DT at Malcolm Sargent by donating materials, for example:

  • Cardboard (cereal box thickness)
  • Textiles
  • Masking tape
  • Sewing supplies (thread, fastenings etc)
  • Straws (paper)

If you have any queries about our DT curriculum at Malcolm Sargent, or feel you have a particular DT skill/knowledge and would like to volunteer your time to run an assembly or workshop, contact us on or 01780 756056.