Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE underpins all curriculum areas, but is also taught discreetly as part of our curriculum. It is an essential part of how children develop over the 7 year journey with us, preparing them for living their life as excellent members of society.

Our PSHE curriculum supports children’s growth and development socially and develops their skills and understanding of managing themselves in social situations, gaining confidence to ask for support where needed, and to use their initiative to support others when needed. It teaches children the importance of and develops skills in discussion, team work, compromise, and alleviation when interacting with others. It teaches children skills to gain confidence in their individuality and to respect and celebrate it in others. It teachers children skills in developing positive attributes and a positive outlook, problem solving and using initiative, reflecting and thinking to support themselves and other people. It supports their understanding of how to be healthy and happy, managing their diet and looking after their bodies, both in and out of school. It teaches children about their own development in the future, and how to manage their expectations, aspirations and be inspired by what life has to offer them, making excellent choices. We believe children should be rewarded for succeeding, supported to make the right choices in their developmental journey. We take every opportunity, including playtime and lunchtime, to deliver a curriculum that will support this development in their time with us.

(Please also refer to the Drug Policy and Sex & Relationships Policy)