Religious Education (RE)

RE plays an important role in promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children, in line with the government strategies which promote access, inclusion and individual learning and understanding of British Values.  We fully support the view that ‘Every Child Matters’ by giving opportunities for exploration of religious and ethical teachings. R.E. should enable each child to explore our shared human experiences, promote respect, sensitivity and cultural awareness as well as giving pupils the ability to think about and develop their own beliefs and values. RE also aims to empower pupils to know about and understand the beliefs and practices of some of the great religions of the world, particularly those represented in Lincolnshire and the UK.  Among these religions, Christianity has a particular place, and is taught in each year of the primary phase as the main religion studied or through optional modules provided by the Lincolnshire Locally Agreed Syllabus (2018).

All maintained schools provide daily collective worship for registered pupils (apart from those who have been withdrawn by their parents). This is usually provided within a daily assembly.

Please see our Religious Education Policy in School Information>Policies