Tuck Shop

At Malcolm Sargent Primary School we aim to live a healthy lifestyle so we encourage children to bring in a healthy snack for their break time or to purchase a snack form our tuck shop. At the tuck shop, children from Y4+ have the chance to work with money by selling our products. Also, at the tuck shop, we sell healthy yet tasty foods. We do not sell only food; we also sell Malcolm Sargent merchandise.

Here are the prices of all of our products:

Spicy Noodles 50p
Viva Milkshakes 60p
Apple Crisps 60p
Pear Crisps 60p
Rulers 30p
Wristbands 20p

If your child brings in £1 and buys only one item, they are guaranteed change! All of our profits go towards buying new resources for the school (your child’s learning).

We hope to see new faces coming to purchase our stock.

The Tuck Shop Team