We aim to guide children through Years 3 and 4 so that they become increasingly independent and confident both personally and in attitude and management of their work.

In Years 3 and 4 the children’s work is regularly appraised using teacher assessments and standardised tests so that progress is monitored and any potential problems are readily identified.

As children progress through the two years in Lower Key Stage 2, the curriculum is more obviously timetabled and subject based.  However, the subjects are linked with common themes.  We believe that children work at their best when home-school links are well developed.  Parents are therefore informed of these themes and homework requirements so that children’s learning can be supported and enhanced at home.

We are pleased to provide you with information about this term’s curriculum in each year group.

Below, you will find a link that will take you to a curriculum offer presentation, put together by your child’s class teacher.

The first page details a standard timetable for your child this half term, with an overview of the exciting topics, skills and knowledge being covered in each subject.

If you like to dive further into the details around a particular subject, we would encourage you to look through the rest of the presentation, where subject specialists or the teachers that have planned the work this half term, discuss the exact content and skills being taught, the vocabulary being covered and any exciting events and experiences that are linked with the subject!

We hope that this new curriculum offer format provides you with a detailed and useful look into your child’s learning.



Y3 - Curriculum Offer - Summer Term 2 2024

Y3 - Curriculum Offer - Summer Term 1 2024

Y3 - Curriculum Offer - Spring Term 2 2024

Y3 Curriculum Offer - Spring Term 1 2024

Y3 Curriculum Offer -  Autumn Term 2 2023

Y3 Curriculum Offer - Autumn Term 1 2023

Y3 Curriculum Offer Summer Term 2 2023





Below, you will find further details of this year groups curriculum.  For an overview of all of the topics covered across the year please click on the long term plan attachment below.  The timetables that have been produced for each half term can also be found below. 









Miss Amanda Tee







Mrs Lizzy Gard and Mrs Zoe White







Miss Lauren Sambrook