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        Ms Julie Williams                                    Miss Lucy Blackburn                 Mrs  Carly Hanford 

        Head of Year

       (currently teaching Y6)


                                                     Miss Cami Carter                               Mrs Laura Bennett

In Year 5, the children enter their final two primary school years.  Here we try to foster a sense of independence and self-motivation, which should stand them in good stead when they transfer to secondary school.  They are fortunate to have spacious, well-appointed classrooms in a purpose-built independent block. 

As role models for the younger age groups, we endeavour to ensure that all our children follow and demonstrate the Malcolm Sargent Way.  As they become more independent, we encourage children to be active learners and take responsibility for their learning.  We encourage all pupils to listen, follow our school rules and complete their tasks to the best of their ability.

Year 5 have a broad and balanced curriculum where Maths, Writing and Reading are incorporated daily. We also have exciting opportunities to learn about topics such as space, The Vikings and the Alpine Regions. We take the opportunity to provide practical and engaging lessons to equip the children with the necessary skills needed during this stage of their educational journey. In Year 5 the children also get the opportunity to take part in the Bikeability programme, learning how to ride their bikes safely on the roads.

We are pleased to provide you with information about this term’s curriculum in Year 5. Below, you will find a link that will take you to a curriculum offer presentation, put together by your child’s class teacher.The first page details a standard timetable for your child this half-term, with an overview of the exciting topics, skills and knowledge being covered in each subject.

If you like to dive further into the details around a particular subject, we would encourage you to look through the rest of the presentation, where subject specialists or the teachers that have planned the work this half-term, discuss the exact content and skills being taught, the vocabulary being covered and any exciting events and experiences that are linked with the subject!

We hope that this new curriculum offer format provides you with a detailed and useful look into your child’s learning.

Y5 - Curriculum Offer - Summer Term 1 2024

Y5 - Curriculum Offer - Spring Term 2 2024

Y5 Curriculum Offer - Spring Term 1 2024

Y5 Curriculum Offer - Autumn Term 2 2023

Y5 Curriculum Offer - Autumn 1 2023

Y5 - Curriculum Offer - Summer Term 2 2023

Y5 Curriculum Offer - Summer Term 1 2023

Y5 - Curriculum Offer - Spring 2 2023

Y5 - Curriculum Offer - Spring Term 1 2023

Y5 - Curriculum Offer - Autumn 2 2022

Y5R - Curriculum Offer - Autumn Term 1 2022

Y5LB - Curriculum Offer - Autumn Term 1 2022

Y5B - Curriculum Offer - Autumn Term 1 2022


Below, you will find further details of this year groups curriculum.  For an overview of all the topics covered across the year please click on the long term plan attachment below.  The timetables that have been produced for each half-term can also be found below.  








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